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Mortgage Loan LookUp

When examining the question of “standing” it is helpful to know if the loan you are concerned with can be identified in the monthly servicing tapes that are supplied to the Trust Administrator, Trustee, and Investor information services such as Bloomberg. If the holder of a consumer’s loan has been identified as a securitized Trust Fund, but the loan cannot be found within the Current Mortgage Loan Schedule, there is a serious problem that requires further investigation and a legal analysis. On the other hand, verifying that a loan is being tracked within a designated pool is also helpful because the consumer can then research the SEC filings to see whether or not the parties to the securitization complied with the governing Trust documents. This is an important foreclosure defense strategy as the entity bringing the foreclosure must prove that it is the “real party in interest.”
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Truth In Lending Screening

A Truth In Lending Screening is an abbreviated version of our standard Truth in Lending Analysis and is designed to detect “bait and switch” schemes as well as disclosure violations that give rise to a consumer’s extended right to rescind their transaction under the federal Truth in Lending Act. We have developed this reasonably priced audit to serve the overwhelming demand we are fielding from consumers and attorneys nationwide who need effective strategies to combat predatory lending, mortgage servicing abuses, and wrongful foreclosure. Once we have completed your audit, we will issue a brief report of our findings with recommendations as to how to pursue your rights.
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Comprehensive Securitization Analysis

Our Comprehensive Securitization Analysis researches and maps the history of a particular mortgage transaction from the loan’s origination through the securitization process moving forward in time according to the information you provide us. We begin by investigating whether the Special Purpose Vehicle was registered with the Secretary of State where it allegedly resides. We then proceed to document the parties to the securitization in a Flow Chart; track the critical events in a Timeline; Annotate Assignments to point out defects in the validity of these conveyancing documents; download the Current Mortgage Loan Schedule to point out where the subject loan can be found or, if missing, show where it should be listed; download the Historical Default Rate of the securitization; prepare informative screen shots illustrating the Collateral Loan Performance, Current Tranche Structure, Tranche Structure Projections at the 60-Day Default Rate, and capture the Ratings History: download the critical documents that govern the securitization i.e., the Prospectus, Prospectus Supplement, Pooling and Servicing Agreement, and the most recent Periodic Report.
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