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Testimonials and References

Dear Marie, no one has worked as hard and as tirelessly as you to preserve the legal rights of homeowners and reverse the fraudulent machinations of brokers, lenders and the other parties responsible for throwing innocent homeowners out on the streets.  Judge Keith Long was very smart to allow you to intervene in getting to the truth and the facts under the law.  Be prepared for a deluge of requests from homeowners and judges alike who will empower you to lead this transformation to its most positive conclusion. 
Iris Martin, author of MORTGAGE WARS.

When is enough, enough? When will people say no, enough, stop. Today evil is virtue, and virtue is stupid according to modern thinking, acting and reporting. When will those that deal in this evil push the wrong person too hard? Maybe it has already happened. One such person is Marie. She has dug in, had enough and is doing something quite significant about it. Her actions have such a dynamic potential to level the evildoers that you will have to ask her what it is.
Jim Sinclair